Hotel Project in Inner Mongolia Region of China

The hotel project is loacted in Inner Mongolia Region, around 250km north-west of Beijing, capital city of China. Inner Mongolia is one provincial region with special cultural tourism resources. It attracts millions of tourists from all over China and the world every year. The hotel project will serve as a harbor of the tourism infrustructures in the Region. It qualifies for Investment Project in West part of China for foreign investors who seek Permanent Residency in China.

Agriculture Project in Hebei Province of China

Morden agriculture with high-technology is supported by all level government authorities in China, and welcomes investment from all over the world. The agriculture project that we select for foreign investors is safe and running well, which will surely support investors to qualify requirements of Permanent Residency of China. It is located around 200km west of Beijing.

Education Project in Shanxi Province of China

The eduction project is one vocational education institute located in Shaxi Province, around 400km west of Beijing. The eduction institute is aimed to provide advanced vocational skills to labor population of the new generation for industry development of the country. Investment into vocational edcution is encouraged by government policy and qualifies for Permanent Residency by investment for foreign investors.