We provide one-stop services from investment project coordination, Project Operation, residence permits application, to investment transfer arrangement. Immigration by investment to China are also comprised of these steps.


Investment Project Coordination

We will plan and select the best projects in aligement with update projects list for foreign investment issued by Government of China and ensure that these projects qualifies with all requirements of immigration laws and regulations, especially those regarding permanent residency. After signing service agreement, applicants pay initial deposit to us and then we coordinate relvant stakeholders including central and local government authorities, projects contractors and service providers as well as relevant third parties, to finalize the investment preparation work. Then applicants transfer the USD 500,000 investment amount to the project directly, to become shareholder.


Project Operation

Once applicants finalize the investment to the project, we will be responsible to operate the project in a stable manner for 3 years. During the 3 years, applicants as shareholders are welcomed to visit and insepct the project physically or through online vedio. Applicants are qualified for 1-year term temperoray residence permit during the 3 years. Applicants will get dividend by this project every year as confirmed in the service agreement and pay tax in China, which is necessary for applying for permanent residency. We will make sure the project will run smoothly so that the investors could be qualifed for PR reuiquirements after 3 years.


Residence Permits Application

We will apply for temporary residence (1 year term renewable) and permanent residency for applicants during the service term (normally 3 years). Applicants are not reuiqred to visit China during the whole process until PR be issued. Of course we welcome applicants to physically visit the project and collect the PR card with our staff at the immigration office at the end of the service term.


Investment Transfer Arrangement

After smooth operation of the investment project, applicants will be issued permanent residency permit by China Immigration authorities. After that the applicants may choose to transfer their investment (sell their shares) to other investors. We will arrange new investors to negotiate with the applicants for the transfer. Applicants may also choose to keep the investment (shares) in the project if the project runs well. Dividends from this project after PR is issued could be increased if the applicants decide to keep the shares.

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